About TSR

The Tall Ships Races first took place in 1956. The purpose was to create a regatta for the world's most beautiful sailing vessels where the crew could meet across nationalities.
Committee Sail Training Association (later renamed Sail Training International ) was established and was responsible for the course .
The regatta was so successful that it has since been organized in various ports around Europe . The Tall Ships Races is the world's largest annual Race for instruction and training ships.
Each year over 100 ships of the size 30-300 feet participates with crews that make up 3000-4000 young people from around 30 different nations.

About TSR in Aalborg

In 1999 The Tall Ships Races came to Aalborg for the first time. At that time it was called The Cutty Sark Tall Ships ' Races due to whiskey producer Cutty Sark sponsoring the race. It was a tremendous success that immediately led to a popular demand for a repeat. It came in 2004, when a royal visits and a concert by Safri Duo from Limfjordsbroen along with the beautiful sailing ships drew 1 million visitors. It took six years before The Tall Ships Races returned to Aalborg  again the success was huge.

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